Living Room Mirror Hoko


Espejo fabricado a medida sin posibilidad de devolución.

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With an original but timeless design, the quality of the workmanship and the selection of materials make the Hoko mirror a piece that resists trends and the passage of time. It captivates with its simplicity and, at the same time, the sublime shape of the brass hanger gives it lightness and delicacy. This mirror is very subtle, but at the same time expressive, intriguing and eye-catching. It will be a beautiful decoration on the dresser for the living room, bedroom or dining room.

The quality of this piece is instantly noticeable: OptiWhite crystal with precision sanded and polished edges suspended on a sling made of pure brass. OptiWhite mirrors, thanks to their reduced iron content, offer greater glass transparency. This process substantially eliminates the typical greenish color of glass. Mirrors have higher light transmission, ensuring a better quality reflection.

Manufactured to order with excellent quality, highly transparent and shiny crystals from Belgium. Carefully assembled to reinforce its originality and uniqueness. The back of the glass is protected with Teflon, against the corrosive effects of humidity.


     OptiWhite glass.
     Sanded and polished edges.
     Glass protected with Teflon against the corrosive effects of humidity.
     Available diameters: 40; fifty; 60; 70; 80; 90cm.
     Brass sling.

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